Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer Cycle

Tree Tunnel

Whilst out on our bike rides I have really been noticing and enjoying the hedgerows of wild flowers of late, looking at each flower and wondering what each tiny one is. They are a spectacle of mini colourful dots and dashes marked here and there amongst the bursts of cow parsley gone mad. At last we have a proper Summer to our sun deprived Isles. It is wonderful. Though getting much done is hard in the intensity of the heat. We found a tunnel of trees that provided perfect cool and shade to take a breather in and going down hill is always so much fun after the strenuous climbs up. Wheeeeeee!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013



This Summer so far, has been lovely in so many ways. Having more sun filled days than predicted has given us a taste of what Summer is. We are also appreciating light in other ways. After two long years of hard graft building, we have finally moved into our new home. We are recovering and enjoying it so much. Appreciating what it means to have carefree days.  At the top of our garden we have some big blousy elderflower bushes.  Last week we picked some of these flowers to make cordial.  In amongst my basket I found lots of buttercups and clover picked by my very own 'buttercup' helper!  The cordial without these hidden extra's I must say was delicious.