Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Alley Cats


My little one spellbound by a cat whilst visiting a friend. I think this little miss or mr kitty was equally charmed by her. This was sometime ago now but still sweetly charming to remember.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Garden Cats

Cat Social  

Our wild garden (yet to be planned, planted and thought about) is overtaken with Evening Primrose and an abundance of cats of all colours and varieties! They look just purrrfect to paint and add to a story.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Camping 2013


Summer seems to have taken me over. Holidays and high days spent with the children, away trips here and there, friends visits and then trying to squeeze a moments peace to draw and reflect on where we have been.
We went to the Purbecks a few weeks back. Our first camping trip in a while. It is an odd experience being in a field with lots of other people with tents of varying sizes and shapes. It is great for people observing. The lone hiker out for his weekend ramble, maps in hand. The family who have every conceivable piece of camping kit including an outdoor dining room for ultimate home from home comfort. The so called Glampers in their sturdy bell tents and spacious surounds. The Friday nighters who hook up for a sociable beer and a hangover the next morning.  Recently we returned from South Devon where we had an entire field to ourselves. That was pretty special waking up to birdsong but then again it's great when kids meet up and make friends with other kids so effortlessly and sweetly as they do.