Monday, 23 September 2013

Italy, Puglia

Travel Documentary - Southern Italy

I like being in new places, even if it is a struggle: intense heat, language barrier, getting lost, poor road signs, the sharpest bends, crazy drivers and just the sheer unfamiliarity of the new. I fail to remember who once said Travel is an exercise in optimism. It is very true! I really feel I absorb a place more fully when I can stop to make drawings, rather than just pass through.  I guess drawing can be a means of communicating in a foreign place. Puglia left a firm imprint on me. I will remember the constant blue skies each day, the medieval hill top towns with their twisty, narrow street that mopeds and fiats miraculously manage to drive up and down. The most incredible sea; turquoise, clear and warm like a bath. The endless olive and wine groves, the crickets at night and a host of insects including a red spotted spider and a praying mantis.