Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Guisseppe's Place

I forgot to add this one to the bunch yesterday. Guisseppe's Shop of Curiosities. I am fascinated by the art of collecting or collections. As I child I collected stamps, tiny model animals, dolls house furniture, the usual stuff that is quickly grown out of once adolescence hits.  Guisseppe's shop was a feast for the eyes. Once a cobbler, my eyes could not help be drawn to the many colourful array of shoes all carefully stitched and sewn together by hand in amongst the candy walking sticks, peculiar heads and a witchy on her broom.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Travel Journal, Italy 2

I have really enjoyed capturing these little Italian moments, such pleasure to think of as I sit at my desk on a windswept October night. Cafe Tripoli with it's grand and gilded decor, traffic light tubs of ice cream and torta di fantasia to have with a little espresso, a scene not dissimilar to one that might be seen in The God Father. Piazza Settembre where I was accosted by a beggar handing out religious cards for small change.  Daily amusing finds in the local supermarket. The fishermen weaving their net baskets in the intensity of the Gallipolian sun in the way I imagine they have done for centuries filling their nets with the vast offerings of the Ioanian Sea.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Travel Journal, Italy 1

My memories of Italy are fading fast along with the summer light and descent into Autumn. I wanted to capture some drawings quickly working from memory in a small series. A sort of travel log, or travel diary, moving from the actual documentation of a place to imagining and remembering how it was to be somewhere else.