Sunday, 29 June 2014


Memories of flaming June 2014 and what a hot month it has been. 
We have a travellers pony in the meadow near our house. It has been there for a few weeks tethered and all lonesome, the kids have been enjoying petting him/her.  
Out and about taking in the world at pavement level and the funny language exchanged between dogs. My girl has been proudly telling me that honey comes from bees, she has also been playing hide and seek recently. Fun at home but not quite so amusing when we are out!  This is my last Summer with her before she begins big school, four rich and full years and a baby that has turned into a little girl, but still in my eyes a little too small for BIG school.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sweet Days

Some little gem moments from the last couple of weeks. My little girl is mad about umbrella's, yes even when it's not raining and 26 degree's outside. This is number one on her Birthday present list way way up there before a bike or a trampoline. We have been enjoying lots of Summer walks and meet ups with friends including the infamous Spiderman.