Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sweet Days

Some little gem moments from the last couple of weeks. My little girl is mad about umbrella's, yes even when it's not raining and 26 degree's outside. This is number one on her Birthday present list way way up there before a bike or a trampoline. We have been enjoying lots of Summer walks and meet ups with friends including the infamous Spiderman. 


  1. Gorgeous work as always - my two are still pretty keen on umbrellas - any sign of rain and they grab their brollies and dash out to the garden, usually barefooted and pyjama'd.

  2. Aw thanks Flo, loved your new work! xx My computer is misbehaving and not loading up the images properly. Don't know if this is just Blogger or a problem my end but if you have been able to view them then it's prob my computer. Have you had this before?!