Monday, 19 January 2015

William Scott

Artist of my week. Visited The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery a few days ago and saw 'Fish, Mushrooms, Knife and Lemons'.  Not quite the same reproduced here as standing before it with all the glow and glistening of the oil paints. The second painting (Sennen) moves me very much, I like the grey coldness of a wintery sea and the awkwardness of the harbour wall. The pots and pans, the blues and greys  and the fish are all singing to me on a cold January day.


Days in and out in the last few wintery weeks...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Soul Shine Cafe Tee's

There is a lovely cafe in town nearby to where we we work. Some people have photographed it magically and I'm afraid I'm too pressed for time to do it justice but it is a great place; good coffee, yummy cakes and lunches, lovely magazines and in addition to this: a perfect little gift shop of cards, books and goodies that make wonderful gifts! (My favourite are the moomin mugs and handprinted T-towels). I was asked to do some T-shirt designs a while back for the cafe shop, along with friend and fellow designer & glass artist Flora Jamieson of Here are 2 of my designs.  They come in mens & women's as well as children's sizes and are made from super duper organic cotton. Available to buy from Soul Shine Cafe, South Street, Bridport!

Tra la la la la!