Friday, 18 September 2015

Lino Workshop

New term and a fresh start kicking off with a great lino printing workshop with Luke Carter from Bristol a thoroughly decent chap and talented printmaker. The workshop was organised by a cooperative print magazine run by friends of mine Jonny and Abby Gordon Farleigh.  Jonny runs many different themed workshops locally based on an ethical and educational program. Others have included ethical tea blending, craftivism and citizen journalism. 

With a passion for  printmaking 
I was really keen to participate and be a student for the day! At first the lino can be tricky to cut but I was soon lost in my own thoughts and engaged in what is really satisfying and therapeutic process, thinking about which bits to leave and which bits to cut away. The image was from a drawing of the house we stayed in over the Summer holiday at Mullion in Cornwall.   I would love to do more! I often think how great it would be to have a co-operative printmaking studio in Bridport. Burnishing by hand is effective but there is nothing like the professional quality of a good press to produce an edition of prints. Do get in touch if you are a budding printmaking interested in starting something here. 
I certainly would be!


  1. Hi Suzanna, just catching up on a bit of blog reading. I'd be interested! Haven't done printing in years but it was always my favourite thing to do when I did art at school - and I keep meaning to explore printing on glass further. Let me know if anything comes about xx

  2. Thanks Flo, it certainly would be good to get something up and running here, one problem is finding a good space here in Brid then that paying for itself through membership. Then there is all the equipment which I would probably have to look at grants and trusts to purchase of? Anyhow it would be amazing if something happened in the future and I guess the more people who show interest the more potential for it to happen here. xx